Sunday, 25 November 2012

November JolieBox!

Here's my November box. Let's see what I got...


(1) Vertumne a Venus - Manucure Absolue Moisturising and Regenerating Hand Cream - Formulated with all natural ingredients, including sesame oil and pomegranate extract, this rich cream keeps hands nourished all day.

My Opinion - This seems like an alright product.The pomegranate extract should make the cream smell really lovely. However I am really disappointed that this is a sachet and indeed, that there are so many sachets in this JolieBox. There's not enough product to try out and once you have opened it you are obliged to use it. Therefore I can't tell you if it smells nice or what the texture is like because I haven't opened it. A review will be coming soon.

(2) Jane Iredale - Glow Time BB Cream - At last! A full coverage mineral-based BB Cream. The lightweight, buildable formula gives skin flawless finish and protects with SPF25.

My Opinion - This is the third Jane Iredale product I have received in my JolieBoxes. One has been good, one has been bad. This is officially the decider. First impressions? It's a sachet.. I don't like sachets! However if this is a really good product then I suppose I won't mind so much. Hopefully it leans more toward the quality of the lip stain and not the fake tan.

(3) Topicrem - Body Glitter 3D Effect - Pair this pearly cream with your best party frock. The luxe lotion gives skin a shimmery - never sparkly - sheen.

My Opinion - Ok, not to be rude but I'm not 16, so why would I want to shimmer like a disco ball. The only time I can imagine this product being relevant would be if I was going on a music video shoot or to a 90s disco. Unfortunately I am not impressed here so a review probably won't be coming of this.

(4) Dead Sea Spa Magik - Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash - This mild cleanser uses a blend of natural ingredients to purify skin without over drying. Use it mornings and evenings for a fresh, radiant complexion.

My Opinion - This is probably the best product in the box this month. I liked the lotion that I have received before and the bath salts were a nice size but I am getting a bit tired of trying the same brands over and over. I wouldn't mind if they were brands I loved but I just like them. I wouldn't go out and buy the product myself. Having said this, I will try this out and it might end up being a holy grail item - I might eat my words yet.

(5) Yardley - Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette - Inspired by traditional English gardens, these dainty floral fragrances give you a lasting feminine scent. Spray sparingly on pulse points.

My Opinion - Another brand that I have tried before. Another brand that I wasn't overwhelmed by. However I am a HUGE fan perfumes and this sounds like a really delicate scent so I am really looking forward to trying this out. This may be one of the few products this month that gets a review.

(6) Marvis - Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste - Imported from Italy, these chic apothecary-style toothpastes come in imaginative flavours that make brushing your teeth anything but routine

My Opinion - I love cinnamon. But cinnamon mint toothpaste wound round my teeth? I'm not sure how I feel about that. I need to try it out and in honesty it is a good size so I can't complain like I have with the other items. I will review this product as well.

Over all I am not impressed with this months box. If I had a few more like this I would probably cancel my subscription, which is a lot to be said from a girl that once sang the praises of JolieBox, swearing to all other human being that it was the best beauty box in the UK. I had even higher hopes for JolieBox when I knew they had teamed up with Birchbox in the US. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the benefits of this partnership.

For enlarged pictures of all products, see below.






  1. I thought the box was OK. I liked it! It wasn't their best, by a long shot. But I still liked it and will use all but the tooth paste. I think the take over collaboration actually goes into effect in Jan btw! xo

    1. Really? Just shows how one box fits some well and others not. It was alright but I really was disapointed and given the choice, I would have my £10 back.. Ah cheers for the update! So holding out for that then! Very excited :) thanks hun xxo


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