Wednesday, 7 November 2012

KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray



Here we are with the third item I managed to pick up at my internship beauty sale. I have reviewed KMS before in the form of a Hot Flex Spray but wasn't overly bawled over by it. However I must admit that the look of this product made me buy it, as well as the fact that my hair is seriously thick and takes years to dry as it is.

This spray is meant to help with cutting down the drying time of your hair whilst also conditioning it as well. All you need to do is shake up the bottle to mix all of the ingredients and then spritz away on damp, towel dried hair. This should be the last product applied to the hair before blow drying. Then all you need to do is proceed as usual with your hairdryer and reap the rewards.

I love this stuff! Although I was really shocked with how much I'd used. I know that I have long hair and it is a small bottle but it still seemed like a lot. I guess it isn't really when you think of everything all together.

This is beside the point. The spray really worked. Blow drying time was cut by at least 1/3 and my hair feels soft and luscious. As with any new hair product, I like to use it on it's own so that I know what kind of job it really does, instead of using it in conjunction with my other haircare products that I already know work very well. I feel that my hair feels just as great using that product as it would if I used my Aussie Leave-In Conditioner as well which is amazing. I like doing things in one quick step instead of having to splurge on a multitude of different products just to create the desired effect.

This KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray is £8.65 at the moment on - one of my all time favourite beauty websites. I think this is a great price considering that the other products I use combined come to a total of £9 and I have to do double the amount of steps. I am definitely going to be purchasing some of this spray and I think you should too. Just don't go buying it all before I have some! I don't want there to be a mad sellout! Haha.

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  1. I'm definately up to anything that saves me time - my hair is so slow to dry. I want to try this!


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