Monday, 26 November 2012

Dior Crème De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm




This was a bit of a luxury treat for me. After reading in a magazine that Natalie Portman uses this product and loves it, I craved it immediately. I love lip balms as you all know and thought that this was a beautiful, classy version with a lovely colour. It immediately went into my beauty wish list to which my boyfriend bought it for me as part of my graduation gift earlier this week.

When I say this is a luxury product, I mean that in the sense of it being expensive for what it is. At £20 a pot, it's verging a bit on the crazy side but I just had to have it. Realistically it is the same size as a pot of Vaseline but I didn't care. Natalie always seems to have a perfect pout and the colour of her pink lips look really lovely. I wanted that look so I wanted this product. Yes, advertisement by association really works that well on me.

When I first started using this I was a bit annoyed. It was really stiff and the product was hard to pick up. However I didn't give up hope because when I tested the balm in store it was soft and gorgeous. After a couple of uses the balm eased and has become much easier to apply. In all honesty, it just feels like Vaseline. There isn't too much colour to it at all and it doesn't do an extremely good job at moisturising my lips. Vaseline along with this product, aim to create a greasy barrier which prevents the wind getting in a drying out your lips and also make them slightly smoother. If you wanted moisture then I would really recommend Blistex Relief cream and am seriously contemplating doing a review on it.

My lips feel smoother and look more plump when I wear this so it does the job it's aimed to do. Is it worth £20? Well no, it's probably not, but that's beside the point. It was a one off treat and I am really enjoying using it whilst I have it.

Do you have any guilty treats in your makeup bag? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. It's a shame that it isn't an amazing product as the packaging is beautiful! shows that not all high-end products are actually worth the money!


    1. It's not a bad product. I am actually growing to quite like it. I just don't know whether it warrents such a high pricetag. xxo

  2. I am completely caught up in the beautiful design of this products xo

    1. I actually wasn't overly bowled over by it. It looked nicer in the pic online than it did in person but it's growing on me again. I actually quite like it now. The balm is growing on me too. It seems much thicker, the further I get into the product. Good signs :) xxo


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