Monday, 12 November 2012

Benefit ChaCha Tint


I received this sample in a magazine and was intrigued to try it out. My favourite of the Benefit tints so far has been Posietint. I think that it is the most natural of them all and is the easiest to blend. On the other hand I'm not the tint's biggest fan. I have Benetint, the first in this line and don't really rate it all that much even though I know some people who completely adore it. I knew that Benefit had released a new coral version but didn't find myself interested in spending my money on it. I much prefer the Benefit box blushes if I were to invest in a cheek product. However, getting it with my magazine lead my intrigue in it and here we are.

My first impressions of this were that it was very orange and thicker than Benetint. I expected it to be more runny but I am relieved in all honesty that it's not. However, it still strikes me as rather orange. When you blend it out it starts to create a colour that is more sheer and easier to wear but you better work fast. Like all the other tints, there is no hanging about. They stain almost instantly so if you don't want it to look streaky or boxy, it is time to get your fingers to work.

I find that these aren't that easy to blend out. Within 20-30 seconds the liquid has dried and you are left with what you have - like it or lump it. This is one of the main reasons why I don't get on with this line of products and much prefer to use a powder blush as a replacement.

You can use this as a lip stain as well but frankly I can't see how that would work. At least Benetint and Posietint are the right shades. This orange colour blended out slightly on my pinkish red lips would lead me to look like I had eaten too much spaghetti bolognese - not flattering at all.

Am I alone in this reasoning? Let me know in the comments below if you love tints or hate them. My conclusion? I feel that I can buy other things with my £25. Each to their own opinion I guess.


  1. I got this with the magazine too, and the only way I can get it to work well is to use it just after applying primer x

    1. Ah thanks for the heads up. I shall try it out this way instead :) xxo


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