Friday, 26 October 2012

October JolieBox!

Let's see what I got in this month's box. 

Apologies for the darker images. Whilst I'm interning in London I am not at home during daylight hours and have to take my pictures with unnatural light.

(1) Lov Organic - Lov is Beautiful - An organic herbal blend of white and green tea that's packed with antioxidants and zinc that have proven skincare benefits.

My Opinion - I actually don't like white and green tea which is a bit of a shame because these sound amazing. I know that zinc is great at drying out spots and antioxidants are always useful. I will probably be giving this to my boyfriend's sister and I will ask her to report back on what she thinks.

(2) Jason - Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick - A naturally nourishing hand-bag ready lip balm to help maintain a plump and perfect pout.

My Opinion - Oh my life! I am a huge fan of lip balms but I absolutely can not stand the smell of this one. It must be personal preference as my mum loves it and I am giving it to her. As far as lip balms go, it works quite well. However, I can not see past the smell. Let me now if you feel the same if you got this in your box.

(3) Moa - The Green Balm - An intense, multi-purpose balm that gives moisture to chapped, dehydrated skin - suitable for sensitive skin.

My Opinion - Initially I thought it was going to be another one of those silly small samples that are pointless. However I think that this is actually a decent size on closer inspection. It smells a lot like Vicks but reminds me of Vaseline on first glance. I shall try it out further and give a better review in a few weeks. 

(4) Ritessens - Exfoliant - Ritessens uses a powerful blend of natural plant extracts and Moroccan Argan Oil. Their products work wonders.

My Opinion - This looks really lovely. It smells lovely too. Unfortunately it will probably take a while for me to get a review of this up on the blog, as I like to try a skincare product for a month before I give my opinion. I feel that I have run a cycle with my skin after this period of time and can judge how it really works for me. What I can comment on at the moment is that the tube is quite plain. It reminds me a little of St Tropez packaging though I couldn't tell you why. It's great to get a full size product in the box so I'm happy about that.

(5) Iroisie - Son Parfait Ultimate BB Cream - With added SPF25, the natural pigments blend easily into the skin offering a buildable, flawless coverage.

My Opinion - These are a little annoying as they are small sachets and I find samples like this a little hard to try. However the concept of the product is intriguing. BB creams exploded onto the beauty scene this year and have not stopped coming. I have a few in my collection yet to try and this will be going with those. I like the fact that this is buildable but it will be interesting to see how the product copes with oily skin.

Overall I think that this box hasn't been one of the best. But it is still pretty great to get two full sized products and plenty of different things to try. It is just unfortunate that I don't like/can't use a couple of the products but you can't please everyone every time.

Did you get a JolieBox this month? Leave your comments and thoughts below :)

Find enlarged photos of all products below.





  1. I'm always tempted to subscribe to a beauty box, but then I think I might not use everything and get cold feet and never do it! xx

    1. Go for it! You can always cancel the subscription if you dont like it anymore! xxo


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