Friday, 5 October 2012

Men's Gift Guide - Guest Post By Chris

Hi Guys. 

My names Chris and I am the older, wiser sibling to the girl who writes this blog! Yes, I'm Helena's brother! I may not be obsessed with makeup but I'm just as much of a sucker for nice stuff.

What with Christmas and no doubt a few birthdays coming up in the next 2 months, it's a good idea to get a few potential gifts nailed. So here are a few great places to start looking for presents for your boyfriend, brother, dad, or just about any neanderthal you happen to be purchasing for.

We start off with LUKE (Or United Kingdom of LUKE) 

Luke 1977, are quintessentially a British-Lad all-round outfitters. Originating from Birmingham, I first came into contact with the brand upon finding their original flagship store in Bristol - just outside of Cabot Circus across from Hollister, for anyone that knows the area well. 

These guys produce garments of the highest quality with attention paid to even the smallest detail. Everything down to the cheeky 'something for the weekend' pockets are sewn into some styles of Jeans. I recommend taking a gaze across their website. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing place, but I can assure you the verve for nonchalant style is alive here.

Then we come to

No matter what the age of the bloke in your life, they're still a boy at heart and this is where all manner of boyhood dreams can come alive. I am especially fond of the RC toy section, where you can get flying helicopters, RC cars, and even Quadrotors (if you unaware of the joy of a Quadrotor, I beg you to google it/youtube it, to witness the endless fun you could have with one of these). 

If money was no object there would be serious amounts of unbridled joy able to be derived from this website. 

Next up Fred Perry

Fred Perry are without a doubt one of my favourite fashion designers. I defy you to find a guy that doesn't look dapper in a FP Polo Shirt. 

However, the trademark polo from FP would just the pinnacle to a back catalogue of gems. With FP's historic tennis background and beautiful transcendence through time and music, have become a firm favourite with Mods, Rockers, and alike. They have given an exquisite blend to their style and although they are highly popular, they have in the main stayed off the high street, to give a much more exclusive brand appeal. 

Now we have The Law Of ONE

I have only recently stumbled upon this brand and to be honest I have absolutely no idea where they are from. One thing I do know is that this is immediately irrelevant once taking a browse around their site. I love the fact they combine some stunning imagery with a wistful playfulness and as such are fully on their way to building their own trademark-esq brand image. 

I am looking forward to seeing more stuff coming from these guys.
If you are looking for something for your partner that not everyone is going to have (even less so that the aforementioned sites) then there are few better places to start.

I thank you all for sticking with me this far...

Finally, decisively, irrevocably...
(if this final part makes the final cut, I will be amazed as when I initially mooted the idea with my sister, she wasn't too keen, but like most rebel's I am going to ignore her advice)

We have Agent Provocateur

Present for you, or for your man? You decide.
But I doubt he's going to complain... Being the 5th website suggestion, suitably there are only 5 steps....
1) Visit, 2) Browse, 3) Select. 4). Purchase. 5) Enjoy

    Peace out. Chris x


    1. Great post, i love how he included agent provocateur ahahah! fabbb :)

      Sophierosehearts x

    2. Though m huge fan of gildan polo brand and i less tried any thing except that but fred Perry makes the highest quality, best fitting and most interestingly colored polos. The fit is only slightly trim, but not at all tight. FP does make a slim-fit version which may suit the younger folks better.


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