Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mac Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Blush in The Perfect Cheek

When the Marilyn collection came out, I naturally got drawn straight to the powder blushes available. I'm sure you wouldn't expect anything less from me! I managed to get my hands on both. A review of the other blush will be coming up later this week.

Today we have 'The Perfect Cheek' which is a neutral pink beige blush. It has a matte finish but that's ok. It's nothing that a little highlighter wont fix if that is the look you're aiming for. Personally I love the matte look as I tend to have oily skin (though its been drying out a lot recently). Having said this, Satin are my favourite.

I find that most Mac blushes are very buildable and the same can be said with this. I like to wear it quite soft and subtle as I don't like the look of a harsh line. However in the picture it looks like I'm wearing a lot less than what it looks like in person. Go figure.

I know that at £19 they are verging on ridiculous with the price tag but I am an absolute sucker for limited edition items and blushes in particular. I swear I will never get through all the blush that I own which is probably an absolutely terrible thing but I love to have choice. Plus I reason my splurging by  admitting that I only really buy Mac blush. I don't know why I discount everything else. Probably because most brands seem to add too much shimmer or the colours don't look right on me - etc! Benefit are pretty good but the box packaging can be a little annoying to fit in my makeup bag.

Please let me know of any Mac blushes you love and I will keep my eye open for them next time I am drooling at the counter :)


  1. My favourite Mac blush is Pink Swoon. A gorgeous pink shade. :)


    1. I think I have heard of that one but I don't know if I have checked it out. Will be sure to now though. Thanks xxo

  2. I love the packaging for this range! I was looking at it in Fenwicks the other day and sooo wanted to buy something! Just can't afford it at the minute :( x

    1. It's really cute. Loving all of my Monroe stuff! shades are amazing. Get saving hun! xxo


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