Tuesday, 30 October 2012

JolieBox Review - Moa Balm

To me, this product is a lot like Vaseline. In fact I would probably call it a gritty Vaseline. It has the same slippery jelly feeling but with what feels like exfoliating beads in it. Very odd.

This balm is meant to be used for chapped skin that needs a little bit of TLC. Immediately that makes me think of my lips. I don't know why but my lip and skin in general has got so much drier this A/W than ever before. I find myself having to apply moisturiser like crazy and my lips always seem to be chapped. Therefore I have been using this as a lip balm for the majority. Lip balms are after all one of my favourite beauty products.

And for the lips, it is ok. Its not really moisturising, but then again I feel that Vaseline isn't either. It produces a greasy barrier which helps to prevent the wind from getting in but it doesn't really add moisture into the skin. I find that this wears off my lips really quickly as well and I'm left applying it every half an hour to an hour which is a little annoying.

Applying it on my skin is an odd feeling as well. It leaves it feeling a little bit greasy and over all I couldn't imagine smearing this all over my body as it suggests you do on the tub.

This product has left me feeling a little bit confused as to what it's aim is. I know that it can be quite useful to soothe burns or help with eczema but I don't have either of those so it's hard to give my opinion on how it works for these symptoms. Maybe if that ever happens to me I can tweet about my opinion on it. On the other hand, it says on the website that it's good as a post shave balm.. Well I don't shave my face but does it work on my legs?! Who knows.

If you want to find out more about this mystery product and are intrigued to try it yourself - maybe you suffer with eczema and fancy trying it out - you can find all the information you need at www.thegreenbalm.com


  1. It sounds similar to Lush's ultrabalm thing, so it would probably work on cuts and scrapes pretty well

    1. Never heard of the ultrabalm but when I have a cut.. etc I will be sure to try it out. Thanks for the heads up! xxo

  2. It's great to put on cuts and bugbites! I did a review on this a whiles back and I also found it useful for mild eczema. It has tea tree oil in it, which is antimicrobial, antibacterial, etc.

    1. Seems like a very specific product. I thought it would just be general and for any use all the time. Still awesome that it helps out with those though! Worth keeping around I think xxo


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