Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blend Collective Hand Cream


With winter approaching, it's time to whack out those hand creams and prevent sore and cracking hands. 

If I'm completely honest, my hands are getting dry and sore on my intern placement. I don't think they are used to it! Haha! However, today I got out my trusty hand cream and it came to save the day. (Speaking of internships... sorry that the pictures weren't taken in natural light. I have to leave the house before it gets bright outside :( )

I had actually never heard of Blend Collective* until I was offered to try this product by a PR company. It appealed to me the most because of the perfumed scents on offer. Anyone that knows me, knows I love perfume and I love hand creams that smell great all day long. Their hand creams are also made from 100% natural oils and they don't test on animals :)

The one I got offered to try has notes of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Neroli (£12.50). Many of these are found in my favourite perfumes so this ultimately sold it to me straight away. On the other hand, when I tried it I definitely didn't expect it to be as strong as it was. This has the be the most perfumed hand cream I have ever tried. It does mellow throughout the day but hours later I could still smell it on my hands. It is a bit much at first but that definitely hasn't put me off.

The moisture lasts for a good few hours. Depending on what I am doing, I can actually just use this in the morning without reapplication - though it is a bit difficult to not apply more when the packaging is so fun to play with.

I would say I will let you into a little secret but you can probably already see from the pictures above. Regardless, the lid is not a lid! It doesn't come off! And this confused me somewhat for about a minute when I first received the product. I couldn't understand why the lid twisted but didn't release. Turns out that the cream is dispersed from the middle which is really quite a handy contraption. It means you'll never have problem with putting the lid back on with slippy hands! Clever.

Overall it's quite nice. They do sell different scents which could be worth checking out. But if you don't like strong perfume then you probably won't be into this hand cream.

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