Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Aussie Take The Heat Leave-in Cream


I decided to buy this recently when I realised that I couldn't find my Take The Heat spray anywhere! I don't know if they have discontinued it or what so let me know if you have seen it. It basically does the same job but it is in a cream/gel formula.

I seem to love every Aussie product that I buy but this seems to be my least favourite if I'm honest. I just feel that this weighs down my hair a lot more than the spray does. Like the Redken Straightening Lotion, I decided to use this on it's own to see how it performs and it was just a little bit thick. It did make my hair feel quite soft but it also leads it to become more knotty. I don't really understand why.

It does protect my hair from the heat, don't get me wrong. But overall it just seems a little lacklustre when I use this. It feels a bit limp and lifeless. Perhaps if I mixed this product with my favourite leave in conditioner by Aussie it might work a little better but on it's own it doesn't stand too well in my eyes.

I think my aim would be to find that one product that does everything I want it to without me having to use a lot of different things to create the same effect. In fairness I have it down to roughly two or three products that I use on a regular basis and give me that gorgeous soft, sleek, shine but it's effort and sometimes I'm lazy when I'm in a rush. Isn't every girl?

So I'm afraid the hunt will continue but watch this space. As ever, any recommendations are welcomed :)


  1. I really need to try Aussie out! This looks like a great little product :)


    1. The spray is miles better but definitely :) xxo


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