Tuesday, 25 September 2012

September JolieBox!

My September box has finally arrived! Let's see what I received...


(1) Balmi - Lip Balm - A lip balm containing SPF15 to moisturise your lips and provide protection from harmful UVA rays.

My Opinion - I love lip balms, so naturally I was really happy when I realised I had got one in this months box. It reminds me a lot of the Eos Lip balm that I see a lot of the American Youtubers with. I tried this briefly and I am slightly worried that it is too soft and is going to turn into mush the more that I use it. We shall see. It smells nice and is really nourishing as far as I can tell. Watch this space.

(2) I love.. - Face Mask - A moisturising & reviving face mask with yummy fruit extracts for all skin types.

My Opinion - I love face masks, so this looks exciting. My skin has been going through hell recently and has dried out considerably so hopefully this will be something to bring it back to life.

(3) Redken - Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion - This best selling lotion controls hair for naturally straight results, whilst providing heat protection and banishes frizz.

My Opinion - This is my favourite item from this months box. Redken have a great reputation in the hair world but I haven't really tried out their products. This is a perfect item for me to start with as I have my hair straight 90% of the item. A review of this will definitely appear on the blog in future weeks.

(4) Twist band - Hair Tie - A twist band to keep your pleats, buns and ponytails secured without leaving bumps in your hair afterwards.

My Opinion - These are a bit odd. I have no idea how to use them. They just look like two pieces of elastic. I'm not sure that I am too bothered about these as I rarely wear my hair up. I still haven't figured out how to use the leather band that came in the August box.

(5) Dr Bragi - Bio Marine Exfoliant - A marine based exfoliant to smooth, cleanse, brighten and renew tired skin.

My Opinion - This product looks great but the sample size is ridiculously small. I know that there are two but there's hardly anything in each. If you don't need to use a lot then I guess that is fair enough but it is still a really small size. The idea behind the product intrigues me though. As mentioned earlier with the face mask, my skin has been going through a tough time so hopefully this product will also help to make my skin turn the corner.

Overall this is a nice box but not the best one I have received so far. However I am really looking forward to future boxes as JolieBox have now teamed up with Birchbox in America! How exciting is that! 

For enlarged pictures of all items, look below.







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