Saturday, 15 September 2012

Roger & Gallet Crème Sublime Bois D'Orange Hand & Nails Cream


As you all probably know, I went to a Roger and Gallet Blogger Event earlier this week. Whilst I was there I managed to get my hands on a cream that I had been lusting after ever since I walked through the door.

Crème Sublime is a citrusy hand cream that is moisturising for hours without the greasy finish that many creams can leave. You may have seen my previous review on the body cream version with glitter in it. This is in the same line of products, although this does not have any shimmer at all, thankfully. I don't think that a shimmery hand cream would work very well.

Anyways, that is beside the point. What this hand cream does do, is take the great smell of the body lotion and fuse it with a product that you can use day in day out. Also, with its handy size, it is a great product to throw in your handbag. It won't weigh you down and with the winter months drawing ever closer, a product like this is going to turn into an essential.

The white cream is a medium consistency. It's thick enough that you don't need to use a lot in one go but it also doesn't take forever to sink in. After a minute or two you are good to know and the slippy slidey feeling has disappeared but the moisture lives on.

You can pick it up from Marks and Spencers for around £8 but they also sell it online for a fraction cheaper. The main thing is that it's easy to get your hands on and it's a fuss free product. What more could you want.

Thanks Roger and Gallet - you're a skin saviour :)


  1. I like the packaging and ooh a citrus scent, sounds yummy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love citrus scents! Tempting! x

    1. You should test it out :) Go and try the sampler :) xxo


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