Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Roger & Gallet Blogger Event

Yesterday I went to London for my first ever blogger event. Steph from L'oreal was kind enough to invite me to the Roger and Gallet evening near Leicester Square. I thought I would take some pictures to help share my experience with you. 

Obviously it was the Olympic March yesterday so London was a little bit like chaos. However, to symbolise that part of my day, I thought I would take some pictures of some of the Olympic Statues I saw on my travels.


So, here we are at the entrance to Roger & Gallet. I've tried to recreate what I saw when I walked in with pictures. Here is a photographic tour of the shop :










If I pause you there... I wanted to point out these three products in the crates below. To the far left on the top is Bois D'Orange - an absolutely amazing fragrance. I would say that this is more suitable for the evenings as it is quite strong. It's very citrusy and smells divine. Below that we have Green Tea. This is a lovely, fresh smell. I didn't think that I was going to like it at first but it turned out to be one of my favourites. I reckon that this would be great for day time. Finally to the right at the top we have Fleur D'Osmanthus. This is the perfect fragrance for any occasion. It's light and fresh, with a citrusy background.

All of these fragrances are available in the spray, soap, body lotion or shower version.


Next we come to Roger & Gallet's newest release - Rose Imaginaire. I shall be doing a review of this a little later on.


And finally, at the end of the evening I was given a gorgeous goody bag full of wonderful treats, as you can see below...


Yes, I got my hands on the newest fragrance as well as the the hand cream I was lusting after all evening (middle). An in depth review of all of these products will appear in the coming week on my blog, once I have tried and tested them and can give you my informed opinion :)

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Steph and the girls who held the event yesterday. It was really enjoyable and I had great fun. Plus a big thank you to my friend Becky who came to London with me and helped me take all these photos!!


  1. There looks like there was some really lovely stuff there. Nice goody bag too :)



    1. There definitely was. There was a perfumed hair and body oil that I'm quite interested in as well. xxo

  2. Ah I thought I recognised you! It was a really lovely event :) and I'm so glad we got the Rose Imaginaire fragrance in our goody bag, it was my favourite scent! I spied myself and my friend in a couple of your photo's haha! x

    1. Haha really? Oopsies, sorry :P Yeah it was great. I loved it :) xxo

  3. I am so jealous, looks great :)

    Sophierosehearts x


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