Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Codage!

I have been a bit apprehensive about writing this review. I wanted to make sure I gave the product a fair trial before giving my full opinion. I've now been using it for two weeks which is not as long as I would have hoped but I've decided that this product isn't for me.

For those who haven't heard of this company, My Codage is a french based skincare line. They sell a set line of serums, creams and cleansers. However, what makes this brand a little different is that they also do personalised skincare too. Once you have taken a questionnaire in myLab, My Codage will concoct a few products that they believe will most suit your skin type. This is what I have done. After much deliberation I went for the face serum. Their products can be awfully pricey for what you actually get. However I got a discount code in my Joliebox that made it slightly more achievable. You also get points when you register and each time you purchase, which you can then go back and spend on different items.

When you order a personalised product, My Codage also personalises your bottle and the box which I think is a really nice touch. They use your initials on both which makes the product a little bit more special and unique.

After I had completed the questionnaire, my concoction was revealed:

 Ao2 | Dx1 | Re3 | Ac2

Yeah, I was confused as well. But this basically means that the 4 categories I needed from my serum were:

 Antioxidant - Medium Dosage
Detoxifier - Minimum Dosage
Skin Repair - Maximum Dosage
Anti-imperfections - Medium Dosage

These are the properties that created my perfect skincare. Or so I presumed was perfect.

The delivery was really quick and I was very impressed with the customer service. I got a note from the person who made my serum, explaining that I could get in touch with them personally at any point if I had any questions. These were all factors which made me love the experience even more.

However after I started using the product on a daily basis I wasn't liking the results. As you know, I have only been using the product for two weeks. However my skin feels and looks like it's in a worse condition now then when I started. My pores look bigger, my skin looks oilier for the first time since my teen years. Overall this product doesn't seem to be achieving what I wanted it to - to resolve all my skin issues.

I think I will be getting in contact with the person that made my serum to ask them a few questions about the product. Overall the service was great but I am not reaping the rewards that I thought I would be. I am disappointed and considering the price I doubt that I will purchase from them again.

Having said this, skincare is very hit and miss. What doesn't work for me may perhaps be a holy grail product for another.

If you have used My Codage, please let me know your thoughts on it to help inform others :)


  1. Wow this sounds so interesting!

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

    1. It is to be honest. It really intrigued me when I found out about it. I dont tend to buy things with discount codes on a whim but this concept caught my eye. xxo

  2. Yikes, glad to read your review! I have actually only read good things so this is a first! Thank you for your honest opinion!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. I've not seen any reviews so far from other people. But it is interesting to know that it works for others :)
      You know me, always honest :) xxo

  3. It's disappointing that it didn't work! I love the concept of it being so specific <3

    1. Bree above said it works for other people though so its good in that sense. I suppose it can't work for everyone xxo

  4. Dear Helena,

    I am writing today, as I am the co-founder of CODAGE. First of all, thank you for your honest article, and hello everyone here!

    My press service just sent it to me today, and I thought it would be nice to answer you directly.
    As you may have understood on, we do our best to remain a very honest and transparent brand. More than a skincare brand, CODAGE is also a service so we want to provide our customers with the best of cosmetology and of course as much attention as they need.

    I am truly really sorry that you did not enjoy your custom-made serum. To be honest here, we have very rarely or never experienced such a disappointment regarding the product efficiency - so I feel really sorry about that! As you said, skincare brands are not always working for everyone. This is so true and no matter how much we want to make a product good for everyone, it will always get very specific in the end. I just want also to make sure the formula you composed (or that have been composed for you) was really appropriate. In fact, it is always possible to give us a call or send us an email to make sure your formula is adapted to your skin needs. We usually never face any disappointed in terms of our serums textures. Then, the assortment of active ingredients should do the job, at least somehow but not the opposite...

    Of course, I trust you, and for that, one more time, I do feel very sorry for your experience. If some of you are still wondering, just keep in mind that CODAGE is now available in Selfridges, London. So you can try our products there, and see if you have the same feeling.

    Hopefully, not ;-)

    Helena, again, thank you very much for your post, really. It is always great to hear from our customers, whatever their feelings are! For sure, do not hesitate to get in touch with our laboratory; maybe they could give you answers.




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