Friday, 28 September 2012

Jane Iredale Tantasia



I received this product in a JolieBox a few months ago now but haven't really got around to testing it out. This is mostly because of how small the sample is. I mean it's a face and body tanner but how is that sample going to stretch to cover my face and body numerous times? I could just do my face but then I would have a tanned face and a white body. And I could just use a different tanner on my body but then what if the tans look different - then I really will be in a mess. So you can see my predicament here. Silly sized sample if you ask me.

However, I wanted to give the tan a fair trial and so I decided to test it on my hand for a couple of days. Yes, I may have looked like an idiot but it was all for you guys and my love of beauty blogging. I don't mind suffering a bit for my art - haha!

So here we have it. The first photo with the blob of tan is when my hand has 3 or 4 layers of the tan already on. This is a gradual tan so the more you layer, the darker it will get. As you can see, my hand looks fairly orange by the end. I feel that there is a fine line for this product between just getting away with it looking brown and not too orange, to looking like you've been tangoed. Speaking of tangoed, the tanner has a really strong orange smell that seems to linger on the skin for a while, so if you don't like oranges.... but maybe it's better than smelling of biscuits?

From my experience of fake tanners, if the lotion is a brown/green/gold colour then you will come out with a natural looking tan. If the tan lotion is brown/orange in colour then you will come out looking like david dickinson after a week on the sun beds.

I'm not sure how this would work with different skin colours. It might work slightly better for someone who isn't as fair as I am. For reference I'm NC20 in Mac.

Overall it was nice to be able to try this and see what I thought. I have previously tried Jane's Lip Stain and absolutely loved it so I had high hopes for this product. However, I think that I will be sticking with just the stain for the time being.

If you have tried out this product, let me know in the comments below and I'll talk to you tomorrow :)

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