Sunday, 12 August 2012

Subtle Nail Art - Glossydots!

Nail Art is all the rage these days but it can be so hard to recreate at home. Yes, there are nail art pens or tools to help you create that perfect look but if you don't want to splurge out, you should still be able to keep with the trends and make your nails look great.

When I was browsing my news feed on Facebook I saw a company that had posted a picture of these nails on Pintrest and immediately wanted to recreate it. It's so simple and easy and looks great for everyday, work or even a big event. 

All you need is:

A matte nail polish
Your favourite nail polish
A Bobby Pin (Hair Grip) stretched out
A piece of paper

Your first step is to paint your nails with the colour you have chosen. I have picked BonBon by Ciate which was a limited edition colour released with Marie Claire. I absolutely love this colour and think it's both casual and smart, which makes it perfect for this look. I did two coats but you can do as many as necessary. Then wait for it to dry. 


Next you need to go over that glossy nail polish with a matte nail polish. I used Rimmel's Lycra Pro Matte Finish. It only takes one coat to go completely matte and always makes my nails feel soft and look flawless.


And now is the fun bit. All you have to do is dab a bit of your colour polish on a piece of paper, stretch out your bobby pin (hair grip) and dip the end in the polish. Then just go around all your nails and dab the bobby pin at random to create lovely glossy dots.

It is important to remember not to then do a glossy topcoat as you will ruin the look. I know this may sound like a silly thing to say but it even crossed my mind at one point. I was on auto-pilot mode!

Voila. You have the finished look that is fun to do and too look at. When your nail are in day light or under a flash they look exciting and people will think you have spent ages over them! But if you are chilling inside for a day, it will still look like you have got a clean and prim nails that won't be too overbearing and get on your nerves. This is a secret nail art.


  1. That's such a clever idea, they look great! Now I just need to invest in a matte top coat (I'm so behind the times) and try it out! xx

    1. Haha. Yeah top coats are useful for everyday and not just for nail art so they are a worthwhile investment if you are interested :) xxo

  2. OK, you've convinced me. I'll try it!

  3. I love this, looks so cool! x


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