Saturday, 11 August 2012

L'Oreal Paris - The Color Genius

Welcome to the new Iphone app by L'Oreal Paris. My review is below.

You are never going to guess who recommended I try this app....
My father.

Yes, it's true. He saw an advertisement for it on tv and insist that I keep my eye open for it as it might be something interesting to try out for the blog. And what do you know? Low and behold here we have it and I must say that I actually really like it. It's a great idea that I think every blogger or beauty lover would enjoy using. I don't know if there is one for a wider range of products and not just specifically L'Oreal but if there isn't, there is definitely a niche in the market for it somewhere.

The Color Genius is an app that helps you match your makeup to your outfit. All you need to do is take a picture of what you are wearing, tell the app if it is a day or night look, and if you would like your look to match, blend or clash the outfit and voila. All stages I just mentioned are visible in the pictures above.

The first image shows my home screen with the App in the bottom right hand corner, and then the first screen you will see. You can see the colours it has highlighted from the photo and once you have chosen the one you like the most you can proceed to the other steps.

Ultimately you are left with an eyeshadow, a nail varnish and a lip colour. I have tried this type of eye shadow and this type of lip stick if you would like to read my reviews on those, but I am yet to try the gorgeous new nail polish shades.

Overall I feel that the app works really well. It's extremely easy to use and is great for helping you make you mind up on shades :) It's completely free so it's worth checking out. You're not losing anything :)


  1. I'd written it off as being gimmicky but actually it looks like it could be quite useful! I'm going to have to look further into that :) xx

    1. Yeah it's quite good and since it's free i think its definitely worth a try :) xxo

  2. I love this app! It's been great for helping me choose the makeup to go with my outfit, so handy and easy to use! :)

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