Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Help: Clear Skin


Help: Clear Skin* is a powder supplement that claims to reduce breakouts in 4-6 weeks. It contains natural lactoferrin from milk protein which has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities.

Personally, I have never been one to take any supplements to help with anything. I've never tried tablets that make your hair grow faster or give you better nails or anything cosmetic. But when I was asked to try this out it did intrigue me. My skin is important to me. If I feel it looks bad then my confidence can be knocked. Therefore I like to do what I can help keep it clear. This is why I agreed to try it out, after seeing The Sunday Girl's review and reading that it appeared to work for her.

You are meant to be able to add the powder to pretty much anything you eat or drink. It claims to have no taste and won't change the texture of your food. However, I tried this out in a strawberry milkshake the first day and it went really lumpy and I didn't enjoy it at all. I find that it dissolves better in hot liquids so I tend to take mine with a cup of tea which works much better for me.

I must have seriously sensitive taste buds though because I swear I could taste it was in the drink. It wasn't overbearing by any means but my taste buds were definitely picking up on it which was a tad disappointing.

When I started taking the supplement I had a few hormonal spots on my chin so I was really interested to see if this product would get rid of them for me. Unfortunately I had to come off of them a couple of weeks later because I had a horrible bout of food poisoning. Therefore I never did find out if they got rid of those spots. But I have been able to take them more regularly since and my skin feels good.

I wouldn't say that this was an immediate help, which I was kind of hoping it would be. And in honesty it didn't stop spots from coming through completely. I still had the occasional few, but it did help to calm them down which was a welcome relief.

Overall the supplement can be quite pricey at around £10.99 for a weeks supply. Ultimately you have to be dedicated and take them on a regular basis to reap the rewards. My skin isn't so bad now that I have passed my teens so I don't feel to keep taking them regularly. However if I was 6 or 7 years younger I think these would have really helped my confidence and would have been worth every penny.

Have you tried these sachets or any similar supplements? Leave your comments below to help others who may be struggling with acne. 


  1. Wow these are really expensive! I took Perfectil tablets when I had acne but didn't see much difference. I started drinking hot water and lemon in the mornings after reading that it could help, and I my skin did noticeably improve, which I was pretty surprised at! So I would recommend giving this a try but give it a few months x

    1. There is a sale on at the moment where you can get a months supply for around £30 which isn't too shabby but without the deal they are a bit pricey. xxo


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