Sunday, 26 August 2012

Book Worm #6 - I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

We have come to the end of the journey with this I Heart series and I am both happy and sad. Happy... because I enjoyed the story and now I get to move on to find more new and interesting books. Sad.. because Angela is just too entertaining and Lindsey Kelk writes these books in a great way. You almost feel like you are a passer by - part of every chapter.

I know that she has written another book called The To Do List but I have heard that it isn't necessarily as good as these I Heart books. Therefore I think I will wait it out and then read her next book when it comes out. She is pretty much on par with my favourite female author, Jane Costello. I have read all of her books and I still wait with eager anticipation for the next one to come out.

I have to thank my friend Becky for introducing me to this book series. It's made learning shorthand enjoyable as well as searching for a job :P

Angela is in the final stage of her final journey. She's getting married and she is going home! Two things she never thought would happen in a million years.. Or at least the two years she has been living in NY. She has managed to settle down, find a man, become the writer she always wanted to be, out a celebrity, have a dozen cat fights and nearly get deported. She is one of a kind. But when her mum's birthday is rearing its ugly head, Angela is ordered back home to introduce Alex to the family at the party. Little does she know that when she gets there, she will also be getting wed on her mothers birthday. This is Anglea, and nothing ever goes to plan. But will she get her happy ever after or not?..

This book was somewhat predictable like a few of the others, but what you can not predict is what will happen in the meantime. Never could I ever imagine that she would be pushed off the top of a bar and faceplant the ground with a royal thud, ending up in hospital with yet another black eye and another embarrassing story to avoid revealing to her mother. Like her, I would also send my boyfriend down in the morning to reveal the previous nights antics without having to face the world.

Angela is a trooper. She has been through thick and thin, but in honesty, if I had half the journey she had I would be blissfully happy. It was great to go along with her and I hope that you will enjoy doing so too.

Pick up the book now! You won't regret it.

Coming up next - 50 Shades of Grey.


  1. I have this book, I've read the previous one by her which is I heart new york and I absolutely loved that, can't wait to read this! :) Loved the review of this & the fact you put a spoiler in too! :) xx

    1. Don't forget there is I heart hollywood, I heart paris and I heart vegas inbetween new york and london! :) xxo


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