Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Book Worm #5 - I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk

I have literally just put down this book after finishing it. I decided when I woke up this morning that I would make an effort to get to the end today as I haven't posted a Book Worm in a little while. To be honest with you I just loved reading this one and it is by far my favourite out of the whole series. Do I say that about them all?? Oopsies.

Although I knew what would happen in this book from the ending of Paris and the title of this one, it was still intriguing to see how it would all pan out. The ending was a bit predictable in my eyes but the middle was enjoyable and I definitely couldn't guess or make up some of the antics that Angela got up to in this latest novel.

Angela is getting deported. There's no way to beat about the bush. D-day is coming and there is absolutely no way for her to get out of it. Or is there?? After trying to get a job in every publishing house on gods earth and accepting a slightly dodgy job offer from her best friend for an evening, she received a much better proposition. Vegas, baby! A place to forget all of the trouble from New York and go and have some wild, crazy, girl's holiday fun. But this is Angela, and problems are never too far away. Whether she takes them with her or creates them as she goes along. Every day is a struggle to come up with a plan to avoid heading home to her mother in the UK. It turns out that the only advice she needed to take was to listen to her gut.

Now I don't know what is kosher in Vegas because I have never been, but I would not imagine overdosing on caffeine pills, downing tequila shots and then ending up in a strippers elf costume to be how it generally goes down on a night out.... Well perhaps the first two, but really?!

This girl never ceases to amaze me and it always makes me wonder what kind of research Lindsey Kelk undertook to create these books. Did she head out to these city's herself and pull the book from her own personal experiences or does she just have one amazingly hilarious and creative imagination?!

Either way, this is another addition to the series of seriously amazing books.


  1. I love this book series, I purchased the newest one I heart london last month but haven't got around to starting it yet! :)

    Grace xx

    1. I am literally just opening mine to read the first page now. excited :) xxo

  2. I read this book on holiday love it! really good series of books :)


    1. I completely agree. Any books you can recommend i read next? xxo


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