Sunday, 15 July 2012

No7 Blush in Damson

I swear that the No7 vouchers have been out for ages this time! They seem to just last forever and frankly there are only a certain amount of No7 polishes a girl can own before it just looks like obsession.

I have been branching out into the different skincare lines they have recently released and overall they have been a bit hit or miss. Some of the products I just haven't got on with but others were ok. What I don't understand is why I had never contemplated using No7 Blush. For a blush addict this just seemed completely unacceptable. It only occurred me to that they might hold blushes when my friend asked me for blush recommendations. She said she had a voucher and I figured 'why not go and check them out?'

We both ended up swatching a couple. There wasn't many to choose from but be both settled on this lovely colour called Damson. She was kind enough to let me try this out to see what I thought of it too.. so thanks Becky :)

And my conclusion....? They are actually really nice! The blush is soft and the pigmentation is pretty good. You only need to sweep a little of this on your cheeks to get that healthy flush that every girl tries to achieve.

It also wears extremely well. I put this blush on at 8 in the morning and wore it through a long day of exams and university. I ended up taking it off at around 11pm at night and it still looked just as good as when I had applied it.

I was really impressed with this blush over all. And you get a decent amount for your money which is nice. I think it is definitely worth giving them a shot. It is just a shame that there is such a limited shade selection.

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