Saturday, 7 July 2012

June Joliebox!

Welcome to June's Joliebox. There have been a few problems with this months box. There was a problem with the labels with caused for all the boxes to run late. Also the customised boxes got jumbled in during the relabelling process so consequently people may have ended up with products that aren't suited to their skin type.

I moved house so I had to get another box sent to my new address and have received the normal to dry skin box. I am happy because I prefer the design of this box to the orange one that is suited for my skin type but it is a bit annoying that I haven't got the products suited to me personally. Oh well.

Here's what I got.

(1) Elysambre - Discovery product from the Makeup and Nail Ranges - Elysambre's gentle Makeup and nail ranges were made using innovative technologies and features all-natural vegetal active ingredients.

My Opinion - Well I am not overly too sure I would use this pencil on my eyes but it is a lovely shade for my lips. I received a soft rose-pink pencil which I will definitely enjoy trying out under some of my new favourite lipsticks or just on it's own with some Vaseline. Swatches and a review to come.

(2) Institut Esthederm - UV inCellium Spray - Pre-tanning treatment which will boost skin's natural defences and ensure a long-lasting tan.

My Opinion - I am so so so excited about this product. It just looks like such a cool thing to use. I am going on my holidays on Monday and will be packing this as one of the first things to go in my wash bag. I will post a review of this when I am back from holiday to let you know if it worked.

(3) L'occitane - Angelica Hydration Cream - A smooth facial cream that reinforces natural skin hydration and leaves skin looking radiant and fresh.

My Opinion - Hello to a brand I actually recognise. This made me very happy as soon as I saw it because I have heard such good things about L'occitane but have never actually tried anything by them. I am a little concerned that this product wont work well with my oily complexion as the box is focused more for normal to dry skin types, but I shall give it a go anyways. I'll let you know how I get on.

(4) Yon-Ka - Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalising Cream (Normal to Dry Skin) - This lightweight facial cream protects the skin from external factors, making complexions look hydrated and bright.

My Opinion - Well I really don't think that I will be keeping this. I am holding a blog sale at the moment and I might add this straight to the sale because it's not for my skin type so I don't feel like it's relevant for me to try it as it probably won't work well for me. If you would like to purchase it then head over there.

(5) Joliebox Nail File.

My Opinion - I really like the free gifts that Joliebox give. I remember last time... I think it was for their 6 months box... they gave out a mirror and I use that mirror every single day to apply my makeup. I am perfectly happy to have a nail file as I needed to buy a new one anyways. I will be keeping this with my mirror so it's always within arms reach :)

Overall I am happy but I wish that I had got a box suited to my skin type. I guess this can't be helped but I am happy that I got a replacement sent out so quickly and the lady on customer services that helped me was great.

For enlarged pictures of all products, see below.


  1. I finally got mine today! Got the orange box (which is the one of the two I preferred) Unfortunately I got items for dry/normal skin whereas I have oily skin, but I've already arranged to swap some with a lovely lady on Twitter! xo

    1. Oh? i thought that the orange box was for oily skin types =/ How odd. Very confusing. Glad that you've managed to do a swop. Is there a review on your blog? I shall check it out xxo


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