Friday, 27 July 2012

JolieBox Review - Elysambre Lip Liner


I am absolutely loving this shade :) What amazing products I get in my JolieBoxes every month!

This little beauty is made of 100% natural origin ingredients. It is Paraben free, Mineral oil free and Phenoxyethanol free. The packaging is made from recyclable materials and most of the ingredients are organic. How amazing is that! And to top all this it is the softest product to have ever graced my lips. It also works absolutely beautifully with my Mac I Love Winter lipstick smoothed over the top. Picture 1 of my lips is just the liner by itself and 2 is with the lipstick over the top. As you can see the lipstick lightens the liner a bit and gives it more of a sheen which I feel makes it more wearable for me.

Top Tip: I tend to blot after I have applied the liner and then blot after i've applied the lipstick. I then apply another layer of lipstick and it really helps to keep the colour so that I don't have to keep reapply so often. Plus, using this liner as a base helps to keep the colour for longer as well.

As I have mentioned before, it is super soft and smooth. It is nicely pigmented so it takes no effort to fill in the lips and you don't feel like you are colouring them in with a hard pencil but more as if you are using a soft pencil form lipstick :)

I couldn't give this product a higher review nor recommend it more to other people. The only difficulty I have is figuring out what name the shade is! On the pencil it says 801, but on the box it says 35 and it also says 'Nature Cos'. Your guess is as good as mine as to which, if any, is correct. I've tried googling them all and come up with nothing.

If anyone knows then please put it in the comments below for everyone else :)


  1. Such a beautiful shade - LOVE it!

    xoxo Bree

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Its really lovely isn't it :) Very happy with it. xxo


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