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Glossybox for Men's June Grooming Routine (Boyfriend Post)

This Quarter's Glossybox for Men's Shaving Routine

As you may have seen in my post last week, the most recent Glossybox was in association with Niven & Joshua.


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I opted to use the 3 products shown below to put together a mini-grooming routine, as I believed that they would be ideal for pre/during/post shaving. I also used this opportunity to test out the Wilkinson Sword Hydro-5 razor that I received in a 'Men's Fitness' issue some few months back.


(1) ZIRH - Clean Face (£15.50 for 250ml) A legend amongst oily skin face cleansers for men with its unique and effective formula.

The Boyfriend's Verdict: This cleanser had a very clean and pleasant tea-tree smell and applied easily. I would say that it does a good job of making your skin feel refreshed. However, it probably is better used as a morning and/or night wash, rather than before shaving. I will test out the Nickel face scrub that I received in this Quarter's box with a few other exfoliants and scrubs over the next couple of weeks and write up a comprehensive review of my favourites soon.

(2) ZIRH - Shave Gel (£13.50 for 100ml) A Clear, non-foaming shave gel making it easy to maintain sideburns and avoid irritated areas.

The Boyfriend's Verdict: I'm never too sure about using gels, as I prefer using more of a traditional foam in all honesty. Whilst it provided a smooth shave, I unfortunately suffered some side-effects that I have been prone to with gels in the past. My skin went slightly red and soon after shaving, I broke up slightly in the neck area. Consequently, I would beware of using this product if you have sensitive skin like myself.

(3) BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA - Oil free Moisturiser (£20 for 120ml) A lightweight moisturiser that quickly absorbs leaving skin smooth with a shine-free matte finish.

The Boyfriend's Verdict: The jury was initially still out regarding this product, as mentioned above, my skin was irritated. Thus applying the moisturiser resulted in my skin becoming more irritated (warm and slightly itchy), and I had to rinse it off to soothe the skin. I initially decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, as it might have been as a result of my pores being freshly opened after shaving. However; I tested it again the following day (without shaving or exfoliating) and found that it again felt quite warm and "tingly" on my skin, before resulting in a slightly red rash on my neck and jaw line. I have therefore decided that unfortunately this product isn't suitable for my sensitive skin.

(4) WILKINSON SWORD - HYDRO-5 (£5.90 at Boots) Hydrating gel reservoir with 5 blades and integrated skin guards.

The Boyfriend's Verdict: As mentioned above, this razor was given as a "freebie" in 'Men's Fitness' magazine a few months ago. I had thrown it into my drawer and completely forgotten about it, as I am very happy with my Gillette Fusion Proglide Power. However, the blades needed replacing, and I picked up the wrong ones today (turns out the newer M3 green blades have a smaller adaptor!), so I decided to use the opportunity to give the Hydro-5 a go. Firstly, I'd like to say that it offers an exceptionally close shave, with no nicks, and a baby faced assassin's soft skin. The one disappointment for me personally was that it lacks the single blade on the other side to trim by your nose and sideburns more easily. I actually turned the shaver as I would with the Proglide and soon realised that it was plastic running down my face, not a shaving blade haha! I would however recommend it as it is reasonably priced around the £6 mark and the lack of a battery powered vibrating shave didn't seem to affect the end result.

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