Friday, 1 June 2012

May Favourites

(1) China Glaze in Techno - £5.95 - Review here.
(2) L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Collagene 24 - £9.99 - Review here.
(3) Nails Inc Instyle Magazine Polish in Bluebell - Review here.
(4) Topshop Nail Polish in Razzmatazz - £6 - Review here.
(5) Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser - £19 - Review here.
(6) Topshop Nail Art Pen in Nightrider - £6.50 - Review here.

Check out my previous favourites:


  1. Ohhh I love the China Glaze!!

    Happy to be your newest follower :) Can't wait to catch up on your posts.

    I found you through the #bbloggers tag on Twitter :)

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog <3

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. It's really pretty isn't it. :)
      Awesome :) Thanks hun. I shall check out your blog in a bit because I am just nipping out to get my haircut.
      Just wanted to post today before I did :)


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