Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Marie Claire - Ciate Paint Pots in Bonbon

This nail polish is utterly gorgeous. It's a sort of mid tone pink-beige colour that I fell in love with as soon as I painted one nail. It looks absolutely gorgeous against my skin tone. The first thing I thought of when I wore this was that it would look great for work. It goes with everything, makes you nails look clean, and isn't too stand out that it will draw attention to itself. It's subtle and classic which is every I try to go for.

I love the pots and have a fascination with bows so that is clearly a plus for me. The downsides to this polish would be that the brush malted all over my nails on the first use which was a little irritating. However it's really quick to apply and you only need two coats for a completely opaque look. I really enjoy it and hope that it's part of the permanent collection with Ciate and not a limited edition one that only comes with Marie Claire or I may have to stock up!

Do you like Ciate Nail Polishes? Picked up a Marie Claire this month?


  1. Hey just found your blog, now following! I love free goodies with magazines, think I will need to pick this one up!xx

    1. I love them too.. especially when they are such great quality. Thanks for the follow lovely :) xxo


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