Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June Glossybox for Men!

June Men's Glossybox!

I was incredibly excited this afternoon when there was knock on the door and the delivery man handed me my glossybox as I had totally forgotten that one was due!

Upon opening the parcel, I found that this Quarter's box is a special Niven & Joshua edition. Niven & Joshua is a great online resource for male grooming tutorials and a wide range of products.

As you can see, the box looks particularly nice this Quarter!

(1) NICKEL - Super Clean Face Scrubbing Gel (£16 for 125ml) Designed to eliminate a full complexion, an irregular texture, shiny patches and smooth your skin.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: I occasionally suffer from patchy irregular skin texture with large open pores, so I am looking forward to trying out this scrubbing gel. Given the fact that I am currently in the process of fitting a new kitchen, this should come in incredibly useful for clearing those clogged up pores and looking after my skin!

(2) ZIRH - Clean Face (£15.50 for 250ml) A legend amongst oily skin face cleansers for men with its unique and effective formula.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: I usually suffer from dry skin, although this may be of use during the warmer summer months when your skin is more likely to be oily. I shall definitely be taking this one on holiday next month!

(3) ZIRH - Shave Gel (£13.50 for 100ml) A Clear, non-foaming shave gel making it easy to maintain sideburns and avoid irritated areas.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: Shaving gels can be irritable for my skin, so it will be interesting to see if this gel causes a reaction. I am hoping that it'll be fine as I'd like to be able to use the two Zirh products together as part of my male grooming routine this summer.

(4) BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA - Oil free Moisturiser (£20 for 120ml) A lightweight moisturiser that quickly absorbs leaving skin smooth with a shine-free matte finish.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: As I don't particularly like oily products, this is right up my street. It will be nice to see how matte a finish it leaves on the skin!

(5) MOLTON BROWN - Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash (£18 for 300ml) A black peppercorn scent with bergamot and oakmoss, this award winning body wash fires up the senses.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: This product is a bit of a wild card for me. Molton Brown are a very well established brand and quite highly regarded. However, I was initially a bit skeptical about wanting to smell like a nicely seasoned steak. Having popped open the bottle, I can confirm that this won't be the case, as it has a very manly smell with the bergamot, and I think that I will definitely like using it!

(6) YU-BE - Vitamin Enriched Cream (£12 for 33g) Yu-Be is extremely effective at combating severe dry skin and soothing minor skin irritations.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: I am prone to occasional dry skin, so hopefully this cream will treat that quickly and effectively.

(7) MARVIS - Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste (£5.50 for 75ml) A uniquely fresh peppermint flavoured toothpaste that gives a long lasting pleasurable taste sensation.

The Boyfriend's Opinion: I found it a little peculiar to receive toothpaste as part of my glossybox. Providing that it tastes reasonably nice, then I shall probably wait to take it on holiday with me as it is a relatively small tube, and will be useful for a week at best.

In Conclusion...

As you have probably already noticed, there appears to be a theme running through this glossybox. It includes products for all the important stages of shaving, with different face scrubs to ensure that pores are clear before shaving. The shaving gel is obviously for shaving, and then there are two moisturisers, which are vital for looking after your skin post-shave. I am really excited by most of the products in this box, with many of them likely to be useful for my holiday! I am looking forward to trying them out and reviewing them for you in the near future!




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