Friday, 8 June 2012

Joliebox Review - RMK Makeup Base


I have never tried any products by RMK before so this was a pleasent item to start with. I have been experimenting a lot more with my primers recently even though I am perfectly happy with my Gosh Primer. I think it's because I have had so many samples to try out, I thought why not give them all a go and see if I can find anything better.

This 'makeup base' as it is called, is a lot runnier than I first anticipated. It is definitely more of a liquid lotion than anything else. My gosh primer is a gel so this is a polar opposite. It has a slight pink tint to it which helps to brighten the appearance of makeup on your face which is rather nice.

I tend to smooth this over my face and wait for it to sink it. At first it feels very watery but then leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and supple afterwards which is amazing. I then proceed straight into applying my powder foundation on top and it sits perfectly without any effort.

However, throughout the day the oil tends to start seeping through and I find myself looking a little bit shiny. I think this is because it is so watery to start with that it doesn't provide any sort of layer to absorb excess oil like my gel primer does.

If you blot with a film it can help but I find that really annoying - especially since I don't need to with the Gosh verison. I think that this primer would be much better for dry/normal skin who want to look dewy and fresh. For oily skin, I would give this a miss.


  1. Hello from RMK UK! Thank you very much for your reveiw of our Make Up Base!

    Make Up Base is designed to give a translucent& dewy finish to those skintypes which lack luster. It contains skin treatment so it softens the skin, as you mentioned! and look after dry skin very well.

    For combination/oily skin, we recommend Creamy Polished Base. A creamier textured primer that contains 3 different types of powder particles that smooth the skin out while perfectly control oiliness.

    Also, Smoothing Polished Base is much loved by those who are concerned about oily T-zone and open pores. A tiny amount applied on the areas which has a rouch surface due to open pores/ get excess sebum, it keeps the skin matt and polished-looking all day.

    Thanks again for your great review! -RMK UK

    1. Thanks for the comment :)
      The Smoothing Polished Base sounds like an interesting one to try out for sure!
      I'm always on the market for something new :)
      Thanks for letting me know.


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