Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Glamour Mag - Benefit 'That Gal'


I'm sure every single beauty blogger on this earth now owns a copy or three of the most recent Glamour Magazine due to its free gifts this month.

The July issue includes 3 products from Benefit. You can either pick up the Bad Gal Lash Mascara, the Porefessional Balm or, as shown above, That Gal Brightening Face Primer.

I am already a loyal user of Porefessional and since I am running out I picked up one of these. However I have never tried That Gal before and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to fall in love with another Benefit product. Or not quite as the case may be...

My first thought was that this product looks a lot like strawberry angel delight! I'm sorry but it just does! It was a lot thicker and a lot more pink than I had imagined. Often when you buy brightening products, they tend to have a pink tint to them but this looked like I was going to be slapping dessert on my face. Haha.

Anyways, once I had applied the amount shown above to my entire face, I was left with a lovely soft feeling that is typical from any form of primer. Once my foundation was applied I felt that I had more of subtle glow to my skin and all in all first impressions were good.

Unfortunately the glow turned into an oily mess pretty sharpish. I have oily skin and this brightening primer seemed only to enhance the flaw rather than hide it. It didn't seem to have any oil-controlling properties, so after a couple of days use I decided to stop using it.

I do know a few girls who have oily skin and have liked this product so much that they have invested in the full size product. It just goes to show that everyone's skin reacts differently. But for me, the holy grail Gosh Primer is safe in my makeup bag for a little while longer.


  1. I also bought two copies of glamour this month to get the benefit bad gal and porefessional, I couldnt get the magazine with the that gal primer anywhere, now on reading this post i probably wouldnt bother as i too have oily skin:)

    Great Review hunni


    1. Glad it helped! Yeah I had to hunt to find it too. Maybe because its more expensive they released less of them xxo

  2. I cannot find this anywhere! I can only seem to find the Porefessional! The search continues, though I have oily skin too so might not like it :( xx

    1. You should try out the gosh primer mentioned above! It is amazing at keeping my oily skin at bay xxo

  3. I have the full size in this product and I absolutely love it, that being said though I have dry skin, so that is probably why I get on with it so much!! :) its a shame that it cant work for both skin types!

    good review!

    Jen xxx

    1. Yeah it really is a shame! Though as I say it might work for some. Glad you get on with it so well :)
      Thanks hun


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