Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Topshop Nail Art Pen in Nightrider (Black)

You may recognise this from my InStyle Bluebell post a couple of days ago. When writing that post I thought of a few extra comments and ideas I wanted to share to help you get the most out of your pen so I figured I would create a seperate post of it. Here is a full description of the item and how it worked best for me.

This pen comes in four different shades and is available for £6.50 from Topshop. When purchase your pen it will have a white nib. You need to shake and pump the pen to get the ink flowing through to the nib. To pump then pen just push down on the nib and you will see it retract. Don't worry if it takes a while for the ink to come through - it did with mine too.

What I really want to discuss with this product is how well it worked for me because I was expecting something slightly different. With the word 'pen' I expected it to work just like a marker would. However this was not the case as the ink in mine did not flow continuously. My friend bought one a day later and had the same problem so I thought it would be good to point out in case you are experiencing the same problem. I seem to have the problem where it will just stop releasing ink and it becomes difficult to get a clear and precise design on the nail when this happens. I tried pumping the ink through the pen on my nail but unfortunately this didn't work either. The method that I found was best for me was drawing until it ran out and then pumping it on a piece of paper before carrying on. Although this method was still challenging, it worked.

Another pointer for using this pen is to make sure that your nails are completely dry before attempting to draw on them. The nib is very hard and if you have trouble with the ink coming out, you might find you end up dragging the nail polish instead if it is not completely dry.

One final tip is to always remember to seal your design with a top coat otherwise it will wash or scratch off. The liquid is not as long lasting as a nail polish and will be removed very quickly if it is not painted over.

These three steps will help you get the best out of your pen and make the design work a little easier. I am excited to try out some other, more adventurous designs now :) The only problem is I have a lot of trouble steadying my left hand when drawing on my right hand. It definitely takes some skill!

If you have used any other pens or have another method to help with nail design, please comment below :)


  1. Such a shame this isn't that great! Thanks for the great review!


    1. No problem. It's still pretty good. I don't regret buying it. I just thought it would be better than it is. xxo


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