Sunday, 20 May 2012

May Joliebox

My May Joliebox is here!!!!! I am so excited about this because it is by far the best beauty box that I have tried! Everything I receive in the box is always great quality and perfectly shaped to the type of person I am. This box is just the same and I can not wait to share it all with you! So let's get into it:

(1) Essential Care - Organic Rose Moisturiser - A light-textured facial moisturiser with the rehydrating benefits of organic rose, for all skin types.

My Opinion - I am still hunting for that perfect facial moisturiser. I haven't quite found it yet so I am excited to have another sample to try. This definitely smells rather strongly of rose which lingers on the skin for a while. I haven't tried this on my face but I did rub some into my hand and the smell is quite prominent. However the cream lotion is very thin and absorbed very quickly into the skin. These are all promising signs as I have oily skin so prefer to use a more watery moisturiser as I don't need the incredibly intense hydration. It leaves the skin feeling extremely soft so I am very excited about giving it a go.

(2) Talika - Lipocils Expert - An eyelash growth product with extracts of natural nettle to stimulate the growth of short and frail eyelashes.

My Opinion - I am a bit confused about how to use this product. On the box it shows that there would be some sort of mascara wand with a sponge on the end to apply this but when I open up the bottle it just has the sponge like a lip gloss would look. I will have to look into it further about how I am meant to apply this but I like the concept. I have short lashes and would love the Bambi eyelashes that some girls have. This product is meant to darken and curl your lashes up to 50% more than they already are and lengthen them by 36% so we shall see how it goes :)

(3) RMK - Makeup Base - This makeup base primes the surface of the skin, adds moisture with shea butter and provides the perfect fit for foundation.

My Opinion - This product smells a bit like suntan lotion. It is extremely thin and watery. It absorbs like a dream and leaves the skin feeling extremely soft. I have only tried this on my hand again so I am not sure about how well it holds my makeup but I am sure a review will follow shortly. I really like the packaging of the product so we are off to a good start so far.

(4) China Glaze - Professional Nail Lacquer - Give your nails a burst or flower power colour with this long lasting, chip-resistant and nail-hardening polish.

My Opinion -  My first ever China Glaze!!! I sort of wish that it was just a colour nail polish instead of a chunky glitter one but I am still extremely excited to try it out because I have heard so many great things about this brand. This is the only full size product this month. I love getting full size products because I feel that it is really great value for money when you spend £10-£13 a month on the beauty boxes. This glitter polish is called Techno. I shall be doing a NOTD shortly on my blog I'm sure.

Amazing box this month and i am really pleased with all of the items. I am a little bit gutted that there are only four products this month instead of the usual five. However I am happy that I got a full sized great quality polish and the other products are perfectly suited to me. I can't wait to try everything out properly.

Let me know what you thought of your box if you received one :)

Full size pictures of all products are below.


  1. love the nail polish! wish I had received that one. x

    1. Yeah I really love it. I did a post called Disco Nails today using it if you want to check it out :) xxo


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