Sunday, 13 May 2012

Barry M Lip Paint in 101

A week or so ago I did a post on a very nude lipstick by Gosh. Unfortunately that one washed me out a bit to much, and I think I have had the same problem again.

The Barry M Lip Paint looks so lovely in the tube. It is that perfect milky, nude pinky-peach colour that I thought would look great on me. As it so happens, this lipstick is even lighter than my skin tone. It appears almost white on my lips which is not something I was expecting at all.

I do like the packaging. I think that it is really smart and chic. It's simple which is actually rather nice but the product itself is a bit to drying for me. I wore lip balm underneath this lipstick but as soon as I stepped outside and the fresh air touched my lips they seemed to feel chapped and dry again. I don't think that the moisturising properties are that great at all.

This would perhaps work well if you were in performing arts. It would work great to create a plain colourless base for you to then work from and create a look with paints. However for an everyday classic nude that I was looking for, it's not working out.

Have you tried any Barry M Lip Paints? Let me know how you got on.


  1. This is my favourite Barry M lip paint, although I must admit I find it reeeeaaally drying and does make me look a little washed out too. Alas! xx

    1. Yeah, I do find it washes me out considerably. But I am really rather pale! Haha xxo

  2. I love nude lipsticks but they do nothing for me, they make me look kind of sickly actually ahha

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Aha same! Look a bit dead which isn't very desirable. xxo

  3. Replies
    1. You do?! Don't think I've ever seen you wear lipstick! lol. Ooopsies :) Hope the internship is going well hun xxo


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