Friday, 18 May 2012

4 ways to wear: My New Look A Line Vest

This has been a recent purchase of mine and I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. It reminds me a lot of the white knitted vest that I wanted from Topshop (featured in this wish list). This top, however, was considerably cheaper at only £9.99 and is extremely versatile. This is my first post like this but I thought it would be the perfect item to show how you can... dress it four ways :) So here we go:

For a smart casual look, use monchrome to create clean and sharp contrasts.

(1) Zara Black Blazer - £49.99
(2) Vest - £9.99
(3) Topshop Black Jeans - £38
(4) Allsaints Washed Black Shearling Boots - £185
(5) Topshop Clutch Bag - £25


For a fun summer outfit, chuck on shorts and a blazer to create an edgy look, topped off by the studs.

(1) Zara Black Blazer - £49.99
(2) Vest - £9.99
(3) Topshop Denim Hotpants - £36
(4) Topshop White Lace Ups - £18
(6) Topshop Clutch Bag - £25


Go cute and girly with this skirt and loose fitting jacket.

(1) Warehouse Denim Jacket - £40
(2) Vest - £9.99
(3) Zara Shirt Skirt - £25.99
(4) Topshop White Lace-ups - £18
(5) Asos Quilted Bag - £15

This is a great way to feel casual and comfortable. To dress up, add a jacket and heels.

(1) Vest - £9.99
(2) Miss Selfridge Jeans - £36
(3) Toms - £34.99
(4) Asos Quilted Bag - £15

Let me know if you like these kind of posts and I shall try and do more in future :)


  1. Love this feature! Please continue, if only so I can lust over your wardrobe and amazing figure! xxx

    1. Haha perhaps when we all go to notts we should get someone to take a picture of all of us and we should do an ootd post together :) xxo


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