Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NOTD - Topshop Nail Paint in Celestial

I bought this colour on recommendation from Hev and RebeccaLouise and I absolutely love it. I have never tried a Topshop Nail Paint before but I was pleasantly surprised. The shape of the brush makes it really easy to create a neat look, and the paint itself its quite opaque which means you can get away with wearing fewer layers. It's a lovely pastel blue shade but in some lights it looks slightly lilac which makes it really unique. It is a smidge pricey at £5 but I definitely think it's worth the money.


  1. You spelt my name wrong you noggin!
    in the post you put rebBecca and in the labels you put Louse lmao
    it's ok because ILUVYA
    celestial is like my favourite nail polish evaaaaa

    1. Haha cheers for that! Don't feel stupid at all :P
      I shall go correct myself right now and my deepest apologies. Hehe


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