Monday, 16 April 2012

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Carbon Gloss

Super Liner Carbon Gloss (£6.49) is a repurchase for me because I love the easy application and the pigmentation. Plus it stays like this all day and doesn't fade or wear off like many liquid liners tend to do. You would be forgiven for think that this would mean it would be really hard to remove at night time but fortunately this isn't the case. With the swipe of a makeup wipe, all evidence is removed.

 A lot of people don't like this liner because it can look glossy in some lighting, hence the name. However I just think it adds to the strength of the black and makes the eyes look even more defined. On the other hand, there is the Super Liner version if you really prefer a matte finish.

I like that this doesn't come with a brush, but with a sponge tip pen that helps you to get a really precise line - whether it be thin or thick. You can also use the side of the applicator to achieve a neater finish. This special sponge would make it easier for people learning how to do winged liner because you have full control of the tip. It isn't like a brush that might bend in different directions. The liquid lasts for quite a while so you won't find it drying up or running out on you within two weeks. It isn't too expensive so it won't break the bank and is an all round great product that you won't be disappointed with.


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