Monday, 2 April 2012

Haul - Topshop, Cath Kidston and Gosh + a surprise extra haul!

Whilst I was at home this week, I took the advantage of the extra money I would have spent on food, and splurged on a few goodies for myself. Check them out :)

I have wanted a Cath Kidston makeup bag for months now. None of my bags seem to be able to fit all the products I use, along with all the brushes, so I was looking for an easy-to-clean hold all. I found these in the Bicester Village Outlet in Oxford and couldn't be happier. I bought one with a plastic covering, and one made out of material. Both have wipeable surfaces inside which is great in case I have any spillages. The big one also has a net side where I like to keep all my brushes separate. I am really happy with these purchases, and love how pretty they look at the same time :)

I have been hunting for a skirt this shape for a few weeks now. I have seen ones in Zara and heard of ones in Mango but nothing has really caught my eye until this one. I stumbled across this skirt in Topshop and originally wanted the black version. Unfortunately they had sold out in my size, however this may have worked out for the best. I ended up with this silvery colour that I think is much more summery, that you can dress up as well as wearing it casually on a summers day. The skirt is a little see through so I am contemplating wearing some sort of slip underneath, but either way I think it's a great buy.

Recognise these from my Topshop Wish List last month? I have searched high and low for these in the shops and after looking in 4 or 5, I finally found some! I think that they are cute, and although I probably won't wear the ones on the far left, the others will come in very handy.

So, I caved. All the hype that Hev and RebeccaLouse have created around this polish made it irresistible. This is my first Topshop nail paint in the shade Celestial and I am super excited about wearing this for the first time and seeing how long it will last before it chips.

Finally, we have a necessity buy. I am starting to run out of Gosh Foundation Primer and therefore thought I would go and pick another one up. If you want to know more about this product, then click here for my review.

Oh hang on! What do we have here? Looks like my boyfriend is taking over and adding his own mini haul to the end of mine.
I shall pass over to the man himself :P See you later girls :)

Boyfriend's Haul

The Girlfriend and I spontaneously decided to pop down to her University house for a few days so that she could get some books out of the library. When we arrived, I noticed that the local barber-shop was still open, so I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to get my hair cut. However when leaving the barbers, I had a 'facepalm' moment as I realised that I had left all hair products back at home. This meant that we had to pop down to the local Boots and try to find something that would solve the situation. As my hair is now dramatically shorter than before, it meant that I needed a different type of product to what I am used to.

 Then I noticed that there was a 3-for-2 across almost the whole of the male grooming section, and ended up buying face wash. Fail. I have a daily SOS face wash from Elemis, but I rarely use it as it is a little harsh, so thought I'd opt for this 'wake-up' wash from L'oreal. Having used it for the first time today, I am happy to report that it does leave your skin feeling slightly 'tingly' (for want of a better word), and is similar to that just shaved feeling that many of you guys can probably relate to.

Right, so now that I had the face wash in my basket, I remembered the purpose of this mini-shopping-trip and headed towards the hair products. I'd originally picked up a number of different products, but realised that the majority of them were waxes, and to be honest with you, I'm not the type of person that likes wax. I believe that it tends to leave your hair looking somewhat shiny and greasy, which definitely isn't a good look. So after looking through the more "high-end" brands, I decided not to be a product snob and give this re-workable paste from Lynx a go! So far I have found that it messes the hair up well, but is perhaps not so great at holding it in position. On the other hand, it is re-workable which at least means that I can play around with it during the day. I know that most of us will deny it, but guys like to play with their hair throughout the day as well.

Now I was in that difficult position of having to choose a third product. I already had what I originally came for and more, but the accountant in me didn't feel it was right to pass up on the chance of a "free" product. I decided to go for another hair product, as that was the reason for my trip, and should the Lynx prove to fail me, at least this would have been a back-up as it apparently has a 'hardcore' hold, and hopefully won't leave my hair looking shiny as it has a matt(e) finish.


  1. I love the skirt!! You should post an OOTD when you wear it :)

    1. I definitely shall :) Trying to decide what kind of shoes I will wear with it. xxo


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