Friday, 20 April 2012

April Joliebox!

Hello April Joliebox! Excited! I am loving Joliebox so far. It is the only beauty box I have been loyally subscribed to and not cancelled. It is really lovely, and I love the little magazine they have started including as an extra little touch too. This box is 'The Changing of the Seasons...' to spring and helping you get ready. So lets see what I got!

(1) Balance Me - Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm - A daily cleanser containing anti-oxidant Arctic Cloudberry and gently polishing oatmeal.

My Opinion - This seems like a really nice product. I like the idea of it and that  it gently polishes away dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal. Unfortunately though, this is oil based and I have really oily skin, so I don't tend to like using products like this on my face as my skin type doesn't appreciate it. On the other hand I think that someone else would really enjoy this so I shall save it and maybe do another giveaway soon :)

(2) Tropic Skincare - Skin Revive - Bursting with vitamins and pure plant actives that help to firm and intensely nourish the skin.

My Opinion - I love the smell of this. It says on the lid that it is bursting with 'blueberries and rosehip' to give you an idea of the scent. I haven't really found a moisturiser per say that I think is really great for my oily skin so I am looking forward to trying this out. Hopefully it will become a permanent part of my skincare routine.

(3) Pure Fiji - Exotic Bath and Body Oil - A multi-tasking nourishing oil that can be used on the body, hair or scalp.

My Opinion - This made me giggle because I have just got back from having a spray tan done, and they sell this brand at the shop. I'm not a terribly large fan of coconut but I do really like the smell of this. I also like that it is multi-purpose so you can use it on your hair as well as your body. I am wondering whether it is going to be like the Leonor Greyl Palme that I have received in a prior beauty box and enjoyed. Looking forward to trying this out.

(4) Bellapierre - Black Mascara - This long lasting mascara instantly creates thicker and fuller lashes

My Opinion - Mascaras are a win when it comes to me. They have to be in my top 3 types of beauty products. I am just addicted to them and own way to many. I have never heard of this brand before so am excited to give it a go. A review will be coming up soon of this I am sure. So far the wand looks pretty average but the consistency could be a little wet.

(5) KMS California - Freeshape Hot Flex Spray - A protective heat styling spray for hair that lasts until the next wash.

My Opinion - I am not overly sure why but I have always had a fixation with wanting to try something by KMS but have never got around to it. But here I am, presented with my very own bottle and am happy to say this is the product I am most excited about. I am a haircare junkie and this looks right up my street. I really like that it protects your hair until the next wash and not just for the few seconds when you are applying heat. A review will follow shortly.

What did you get in your beauty boxes this month? Did you like everything you got? Let me know :)

Full size pictures of everything below.


  1. I'm excited for my first joliebox to arrive (hopefully tomorrow!), i wish i'd subscribed a couple of months ago instead of sticking with glossybox because these seem more consistently good :) I'm gutted that Carmine has gone and joined with Glossybox but we'll see what I get in the box that's wayyyy too late this month! Looking forward to seeing your reviews! (Wow I wrote a normal comment for once!)

    1. I'm deffo glad I chose to stick with joliebox. It suits me a lot better. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on your box. And yes you have... MALTEASTER BUNNY! xxo


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