Sunday, 25 March 2012

Summer's Best Friend - L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream


This is going to be a huge staple item for me this summer. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone - especially those who have oily skin, and are looking for a BB Cream that doesn't make them look greasy.

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream is very unique. It comes out of the tube as a runny grey liquid. However, when you start to blend it into the skin, the pigments get released which turn it into a skin coloured liquid. This product is only sold in Fair and Medium which is a bit limiting. And I would also like to note that Fair is really quite dark. I have very light skin, and even the fair can make me look a little orange if I don't blend it well.

Having said this, the coverage is very good! On the left you can see me wearing my normal foundation - Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus - and on the right you can see the BB Cream, so as to compare the coverage I received. Of course it's not as flawless as the foundation, but for something that is light and lets your skin breathe in summer, the BB Cream is probably the one to go for.

It doesn't melt off your skin, nor does it feel greasy when you have blended it. It absorbs beautifully and helps to leave you with a radiant glow. I would like to add that this isn't a glow that people with oily skin should be afraid of. It doesn't make you look like a disco ball at all. It's just very subtle and pleasant.

The product includes SPF12 which is a great extra to have, as I don't particularly enjoy putting greasy suntan lotion on to my face. You only need a small amount to cover a large surface, so it would last you a long while, and at £9.99 I think it's a great product and maybe even a bit of a bargain.

I have tried tinted moisturisers like Laura Mercier Oil Free and it still makes me feel greasy, even after powdering, so this is a great alternative for me.

Get out and try it. I am sure you won't be disappointed.


  1. I haven’t had chance to try this yet, but I keep reading that it is really good. Might have to treat myself... well it is the weekend! Great review xxx

    1. It's definitely a good pick but if you massage it in too much, too quickly, it can go a bit orange so just be aware of that if you're really fair skinned. But it's the best BB cream I've tried for oily skin :) Go for it girl hehe xxo


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