Saturday, 17 March 2012

Joliebox Review - Lavera Hand Cream

I received this product in my Joliebox last month and really enjoy using it. Everything that came in the February Joliebox I am loving quite a lot to be honest, which is nice. It is nice to find a box coming through my door where I can use every product that is sent to me so I am really happy about that.
Going on to talk about this hand cream though, I do like it, but in my eyes it has some flaws compared to my beloved Hand Food by Soap and Glory (see full review here).
Like Soap and Glory, the hand cream is thick and white. Unfortunately though, this hand cream doesn't smell nearly as good as the other one. In fact it smells how you would imagine a hand cream smelling if there was no thought that went into the perfume. It's definitely a strong scent that you can not get away from and isn't my cup of tea.
When you start to massage it into the skin, it feels really nice. You can feel the moisture sinking in to the skin and you definitely feel like it is doing its job. However, afterwards I am afraid that you are left with that slightly annoying greasy feeling. This cream takes a while longer to sink properly than the Soap and Glory one, but after it has it is a really good product. It does what it says on the tin. It makes my hands feel really soft and moisturised, and more importantly, it keeps them like that throughout the day.
I don't particularly have dry hands - unless it is cold weather, I am lucky on that front. However, sometimes they do feel a little uncomfortable and I do like to whack on some hand cream and give my mitts some TLC.
It's a great size sample to have in your handbag, although that's where Hand Food lives, so this one has been placed on my bedside table. I think its worth a try if you don't mind the smell, but I personally probably wouldn't go out of my way to purchase this again.

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