Monday, 19 March 2012

Joliebox Review - Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink

This is the first ever lip and cheek stain that I have received in a beauty box, so I was interested as to what it would turn out like. It looks a lot more orangey/peach in the tube so I didn't expect it to be such a lovely shade of pink.
I was sceptical from the beginning because this product claims to change colour due to the pH levels in your body. I'm not so sure about that fact to be honest with you. Personally, I think its just one of those stains where, the more you rub at it, the more colour you get.
It can be a really sheer wipe of colour on the lips, but if you are someone like me that loves rubbing your lips together when you have lip balm on, then it won't stay sheer for long.
Now, one major plus of this product is that it has the most divine smell. This is what initially sold it to me before I tried it. I wish I could describe it but I really can't. It just smells like sweet strawberry chewits or something. Its just a shame that it doesn't taste like them otherwise I would be blown away.
I really like that this stain not only gives the lips colour but it also makes them feel really moisturised at the same time. However, I don't know if I would use this on my cheeks simply because I think it would feel to greasy and slippery.
I was a bit annoyed about the size of the sample, since it is absolutely tiny but I think it will last for a while and does what it aims to do - it lets you try it out and make your mind up.
I really enjoy the product as a whole. I like pop of colour it gives my lips and it great that it combines three properties you could want for your lips, both moisture and shine, but fab colour too. 
I quite like it. Do you?


  1. Really like the look of this! xx

    1. Yeah its actually really nice! I would definitely say its worth checking out. xxo

  2. I've been enjoying using this on my lips but find its a bit greasy on my cheeks. I saw on twitter that someone said to keep these away from any sun because they can melt quite easily! x

    1. Melt?! ooerr. Yeah i thought it would be to greasy for the cheeks but for the lips its fantastic! Do you like the smell? xxo

  3. wow I love the packaging of this! yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. xxxxx


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