Saturday, 11 February 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Shade 11

Whilst I was waiting for my plane at the airport in Beijing at the end of January, I wasted some time in duty free and picked up some good buys whilst I was at it. One of which was this YSL Lipstick in the shade 11.

I had never tried a YSL Lipstick before, but had always fallen for their gorgeous packaging. When I was originally sifting through the products, I must admit that I was looking for the Rouge Volupt√© Lipstick - the classic pretty one with the lacey design around the centre. However, when I found that, they didn't have the shade I wanted, and conveniently, this was next to it.
I will admit that I'm not overly balled over with the design of this product. Bar the fact that it is YSL, it doesn't really impress me at all. I didn't even know much about the formulation when i made my purchase, so I just grabbed a shade that appealed to me and headed for my plane.
It must have been by luck that I picked this lipstick because its perfect for me. It almost reminds me of a lip balm because it doesn't dry out my lips at all. Having said this, it is still most definitely a lipstick, just more sheer than I had originally anticipated. This natural pink flush with a slight frosty finish looks lovely on and compliments dark brown hair colours beautifully. I really enjoy how easy it is to apply and the lack of effort that is needed. I'm a student, always in a rush in the morning, so this products great as it requires minimal concentration.
I would definitely consider buying another one of these lipsticks, and I'm sure I will in time, when the bank balance can afford it. I just really wish it came in one of those pretty round tubes, but oh well. You can't have it all.

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