Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week In Photos #1

1/ CV Website for Uni 2/ Me and Becky in lesson 3/ Malteaser Bunny from my boyfriend 4/ Valintines day card 5/ Rose, mug and chocolates on Valintines Day from my boyfriend 6/ Breakfast in bed 7/ Chocolates on Valintines 8/ Random Stormtrooper in town 9/ The boyfriend and I made cupcakes 10/ Poster in my bedroom 11/ Dvd For Valintines from the boyfriend 12/ Random man dressed up in town

13/ Enjoying a starbucks 14/ Random shouty HotDog man 15/ Me enjoying some cream tea 16/ Boyfriend getting his hair cut 17/ Cocktails out with my boyfriend and friend 18/ Random picture of us 19/ Nandos with my parents


  1. Great pics, love those yummy Maltesers Bunnies! x

    1. Thanks! I know right! I didn't think that they would be that amazing. I thought they would be just like malteasers so you may as well just buy a packet of them.. but they are so much better! xxo


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