Monday, 27 February 2012

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Welcome to Rimmel London's new edition to the family. Wake Me Up is a liquid foundation that claims to reawaken skin, reduce signs of premature ageing, and includes SPF 15 for protection from the sun.

I have never been a fan for drugstore liquid foundations and stopped using them quite a few years ago now. However, I received about 4 samples of this foundation in my magazines this month and figured that something was telling me I just had to try it.

As usual, the sample wasn't my shade. I am about as white as white can be, and the sample was in Soft Beige - this made me look a bit like David Dickinson (as you can see from the top picture of me wearing the foundation, it isn't quite tangoed but you can tell it's there). I didn't mind that it wasn't my shade though, because at least I could give it a go and see how the formulation of the product works with my skin and how it wears throughout the day. I just wish that I had told my housemates this. I am sure they now all think that I can't do my makeup. Oops.

The first thing I noticed is that it has a really pleasant smell. It reminds me of something fruity and is the first foundation I have come across that smelt like this. Unfortunately, this was the only thing I ended up liking about the product.

I have Oily/Combination skin, and this was not keeping the shine away at all. I immediately looked like a disco ball and it reminded me why I switched to my mac powder foundation. I did set this foundation with powder, and blotting did help, but not enough to make me feel comfortable. I couldn't really pass it off as dewy. Plus the shine just enhanced my pores.

Don't get me wrong, I love Rimmel as a brand. I am the single biggest fan of their nail polishes, but this liquid foundation just isn't for me. It doesn't seem very compatible with my skin type at all. I often find this the case with liquid foundations, and this is just my personal experience. I know of people that really like this product, so I would say try a sample before you buy to see what you think. If you want me to send you one of my samples then feel free to comment below. I have two or three left.


  1. Bonjour! As you know I love this foundation and have oily skin too - trust me it's worth another go in a better shade! Benefit Porefessional underneath will help loadsssssssssssssss :) xxx

    1. That would mean buying a bottle though, and I don't think I like it enough to buy a full sized one. I did use porefessional as well which is a bit odd =/ xxo

  2. great post! my friend said the exact same thing

    1. Ah really? She didn't get on with it too well either? xxo


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