Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New ways to wear red lips!

I have found a new love for red lips, after being the model for a red riding hood shoot which required me to wear Rimmel London's red lipstick that Kate Moss had designed. 
Shortly after the shoot, I went scouring the high street to find different ways to get that perfect puckered red lip, and found these two products.

Revlon's Just Bitten is a lip stain with a lip balm attached to the other end of it to give the lips a stunning shine whilst locking in all of the colour.
Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lip Pencil in 10 Red Bush uses the classic simple way to get a red lip - to draw it on.

First off we have the Just Bitten lip stain in 'Gothic'. I absolutely adore this product and I think it is a great concept because the colour doesn't transfer off your lips once you've drawn it on. An added bonus is that it is reasonably easy to get off with just a simple make up wipe. Now, excuse my skills at using this pen. I am a newbie with using bold colours on my lips and need to fine tune my technique of a steady hand to get a perfect shape, however I really enjoy the colour that this gives. Its rich and classic, and in my eyes it gives you everything that a red lip should be!

This is the lip stain with the balm on top. As you can see, it gives the lips an extra sheen to set them off, whilst making the colour a little bit more intense. In the shadows this colour comes off as a very deep and dark red, which personally I love as it gives the lips depth.

Finally, we have the lip liner. Sorry that the lighting is a bit different in this one. With the winter sun, it is playing havoc with my camera. Anyways, this product is a little bit easier to use for the beginner I think. At least for myself, I found it much easier to get a more precise shape. This was probably due to the fact that the nib on the pencil was a lot smaller than the one on the stain. Don't be fooled by the slight toning issues in this photo, because it still gives off a true red lip that I love. There is more of an issue with transferring if you were to just use this lip liner on its own or with balm. I would perhaps try using a lip lock product such as the Rimmel Lip Top Coat to try and keep it stronger for longer. Or if you layer your favourite red lip stick over the top (I strongly recommend the one by Kate Moss) then I'm sure it would last the night.

I always felt that I couldn't wear red lip stick because I couldn't pull it off, but it's all about finding the right shade for you, and wearing it with pride. Plus, with some added practising, you're lip will look perfect in no time. If you make any mistakes, there is always the foolproof concealer that you can run around the edge of your lips to tidy up any slight mistakes.
Hope this helps :) Let me know if you wear your lips red, and what products you use. I love discovering new products.


  1. This looks really lovely on xx
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