Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps Tutorial.

Want to do something fun with your nails this valintines day? Why not nip to Topshop on your way home and pick up some of these Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps. They are so easy to use. Just Scroll down to see a step by step guide and pictures to follow :) 







(1) This is what you will need to start off with.. 

A Cotton Pad
A Nail File
Nail Varnish Remover (With Acetone)
Nail Wraps

(2) Next, you need to pour some nail varnish remover on the cotton pad and wipe it over your nail.

(3) Then find a nail wrap that best fits the shape of your nail. Cut it down to the right size if you need to. Lay it in the middle of your nail, wiping down the centre first and then out to the edges to avoid air bubbles.

(4) Use the scissors to cut the end of the nail wrap down to the edge of your nail.

(5) File the end of your nails so that the wrap finishes flush with the end of your nail. Make sure you do this by filing downwards or you will ruin the sticker.

(6) Repeat with all your nails and you will end up with something looking like this. They are so pretty... and it's so simple! :) 


  1. I have wanted to try these for ages but had no clue how to use them! They look easy. Gonna try some out (:

    1. They really are. I want the stripey ones next time! xxo


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