Wednesday, 15 February 2012

HELP! I want everything!

Are you a huge MAC lover? Every single time the new collection comes out, do you get just a little bit more excited about what the limited edition shades might be? What the packaging might look like? Sounds like you're just like me.
I have a huge obsession with MAC products. I have full confidence that they are going to be products that I like. I understand the formulation of the makeup, so I feel like I know what I'm getting. There is always something new coming out and I really do like the design of the packaging. Plus, with 'Back to MAC' as an extra incentive, you can't go wrong.
This new collection is called the MAC Naturally Spring Collection. It is combined of a lot of mineralize products, along with our well-loved lipsticks and lip glasses, and a few tools thrown in there for good measure. It is sure to say that this collection was made for me! There isn't one thing in this collection that I wouldn't want for myself. They are easy, natural, pretty colours to wear, and I'm sure that before to long I will have some of these products in my collection. Unfortunately a lot of the colours have already SOLD OUT online, but with a little luck there may still be some of the shades in store.
A few of the ones I am personally looking out for are Perfect Day (first left) and Beach Sand Lipstick (second left), Subtle Breeze Blush (second from right) , and the 286 Tapered Blending Brush (smaller of the two brushes).
I am a bit confused as to why this collection wasn't brought out before Valentines day, but I suppose that they chose to combine a list of their best reds and pinks together for that event. Shame really, because this would have been an ideal gift for me :P
What do you want out of this collection, if any? And what was your favourite past MAC collection?


  1. I have a feeling this collection could bankrupt me slightly! I love Mac, and the 'back to mac' is definitely an extra incentive to keep buying their products! I love it haha.


    1. I totally agree. Hopefully I can still get my hands on some stuff in store xxo


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