Sunday, 8 January 2012

NOTD - OPI in It's My Year

This OPI Nail Polish was given to me at Christmas by my boyfriend. He was apparently going to give it to me before I started my third year of University because it is called 'It's my year' which I thought was really cute. Anyways, he gave it me for Christmas and here it is in all its wonder! I think it's absolutely stunning and I have nothing like it to date. Its base is a pink/purple colour, with what appears to be a thick layer of gold shimmer over the top, so that when it catches the light, it changes colour. This duochrome effect is all in one nail polish that is extremely easy to apply and dries exceptionally quickly. Topped with my all time favourite top coat, Seche Vite, it leaves the nails with a fabulous smooth gloss shine. The shimmer is so fine that you can't feel it on your nails. All in all, it looks fabulous. Don't you agree?

3 coats, natural light.
Artifical light.


  1. That's a gorgeous colour, I'm a big fan of duochrome polishes :)

  2. Names of nail polishes always make me fall in love with them. Espescially when you can match the name with an occassion. xxo


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