Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mini Haul: AllSaints, Pull and Bear and more!

I have been trying to save money like a crazy person recently because so many birthdays and events are coming up that I need the money to buy presents. However, on this money-saving journey, I did trip over myself a few times and make a few naughty purchases that I thought I would share with you below.

My first naughty purchase is from Pull & Bear - a shop I had never heard of before but came across whilst browsing Oxford Street in London. Nothing really pulled me in when I was in the store, but as I was making my way out my boyfriend spotted this top on a table and I instantly fell in love with how cute it was. I'm sure you'll agree - even if it does just boost my boyfriends ego! (£15.99)

Secondly, I brought this jumper for Marks and Spencer to keep me warm on my trip to Beijing this coming week. From what I could see, they sold it in a beige as well as this red and I tried them both on. They had my size in the beige but only the size up in the red, however I thought it would be worth while to try them both to see if I even liked them. I would typically buy the beige as that is more my colour, however I loved the red so much that I went for this one anyways. Plus, I much prefered the slouchy fit that the bigger size gave me which was a bonus (£35).

Next up we have the naughtiest purchase of them all. I have wanted these boots ever since I saw that they were going in the sale after christmas. I am in need of some new ones as my Office ones are starting to look a little bit tired and these looked like the perfect ones. They are a little different from my old ones but still keep the general theme. If you saw these on my wishlist at the beginning of this month then you will know I was pining after some Chanel sunglasses too. I had to make a choice between those and these boots and, well, the boots won I guess. It's not nearly sunny enough to warrent double the amount on sunglasses. Though I am sure I will tell you differently when it comes to summer. These are my AllSaints Washed Black Shearling Boots (£185 down to £97.50).

Another cheeky purchase from AllSaints whilst I was there is this beanie hat. Since i'm going to China next week I thought this would come in handy as the temperatures are ridiculously cold there at the moment. It was in the sale again, so it can't be bad (£40 down to £28).

Finally we have another Mario Badescu product. This healing cream can be used in place of moisturiser or just on its own to help with healing breakouts. Thankfully I don't suffer from many very often as I have passed the teen stage but when I get the odd one, hopefully this will help get rid of them asap! (From for £14.50)


  1. love the owl top & the boots! x

    1. love the boots :) I really shouldn't have spent so much but I am sure i'll get some good wear out of them :) xxo


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