Saturday, 7 January 2012

GlossyBox Product Review : Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

I recently decided to try out this shower gel after running out of my Johnsons 24 Moisturising Body Wash. I have extremely sensitive skin so I tend not to vary my shower gel/lotion very often. However, since I received such a big bottle of this in my December GlossyBox, I thought it would be a shame not to at least try it out.
When I first used it in the shower, it confused me somewhat. When I pressed the button to release the gel I didn't see anything come out. This was because the gel was clear, whereas I was expected some sort of white foam. As you can imagine, I ended up with a lot of product in my hands, due to my lack of common sense *haha*. 
Although it comes out as a clear gel, when you apply it to wet skin it turns into a foam consistency. I used this just on my legs to try it out first time, figuring it could double up as a shaving foam. I was extremely surprised about how much I enjoyed the way that it smelt! From what I could smell before using it, I didn't find it very appealing, but it's actually really lovely. You can definitely smell the Rose and Almond Oil. I know that they sell this product in a few different scents but I am pretty pleased with this one.
The foam feels really soft on the skin, lathering up to create a thick layer of luxurious soap. I think that it is a nice spin on a shower product, and although Rituals are not the first company to create a foaming gel - this being their USP - for a person like me who hasn't tried something like this before, I found it very enjoyable and will be using up the rest of the product and perhaps purchasing some more.


  1. I love the smell of this one, thought the price was good too!

  2. Yeah I agree. I was in House of Fraiser the other day and I'm sure I saw a Rituals stand so I may go and invesitgate at some point. xxo

  3. I've got the brown bottle one in my Glossybox and hate how it smells :( I'm gutted I didn't get the same bottle as you coz it sounds really good! xxx

  4. Oh no, really? Guess I know to definitely stay away from that one then. What is it meant to smell of? xxo


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