Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Spray

My hair has found a new love. It literally won't behave unless I use it now. What is it? Well its Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Spray of course!

What is funny is that I didn't mean to ever pick this up. My mum tried some Aussie shampoo once and reacted to it so I have always steered clear of the brand, no matter how much brilliant press it gets. However, she must have forgotten this very important detail as she picked up this heat spray for me to take on holiday. I asked her specifically for something that was 100ml or less, so naturally this is 150ml! Bless her.
But having said this, I am very glad that she did. This stuff is amazing!! It makes me hair so smooth and soft. It doesn't weigh my hair down or linger in an unpleasant way. It just.... works! It smells amazing and allows my hair to move. Great unexpected buy.

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